About the Awards

2018 ADEIL awards summary

Submission Deadline for 2019 Awards: September 15, 2019

Each year, ADEIL presents a number of awards recognizing excellence in various aspects of distance education and independent learning. If you are a current ADEIL member, we invite you to consider nominating an outstanding staff member from your institution or colleague in the field, or perhaps submitting a course or research project. We would like to have a number of nominees and submissions to create a lively competition for each award.

Award Time-frame Requirements

The ADEIL College Level Course Award, the ADEIL High School Course Award and the ADEIL Research Award have specific time periods associated with them.

The ADEIL College Level Course Award and the ADEIL High School Course Award nominees should have opened for enrollments sometime during the 15 months prior to the nomination (July prior to the last academic year through September i.e., July 2018 through September 2019). Research Award nominees should be completed and published during the academic year preceding the conference (September through August). The ADEIL Excellence in Support Service Award is new to ADEIL and differs from other awards in that it recognizes accomplishments for an individual’s work courses or student services over time.

Rubrics for Evaluation:

Award Purpose, Eligibility, and Nomination Forms:

Presentation of Awards:

Awards are presented at the annual ADEIL conference. Winners are invited to participate in a round-table discussion of their courses, research, and work at the conference.

Recipients of ADEIL Awards

Each year, ADEIL selects award recipients who are distinguished for excellence in their contributions to the field of independent study.

Past Recipients of ADEIL Awards