Research Award

The ADEIL Research Award is for the purpose of promoting scholarship, innovation, and progress in the field. The award recognizes one or more individuals responsible for conducting an outstanding research project on any area directly related to distance learning.

The outcome of the research project should clearly enhance the profile and possibilities of distance learning, and may focus on theoretical or practical issues. The recipient of the award receives $500 from ADEIL. If there is more than one co-author, money is split accordingly.

The research project must have been published during the academic year which preceded the conference (September through August), but the research may have been conducted over more than that year. Research projects must be centered on an aspect of distance learning, including, but not limited to history, statistics, technology, innovations, personnel, student services, marketing, and pedagogical techniques.

The Awards Committee will judge the nominations on the basis of the scholarly qualities of the research and on the significance or magnitude of its contribution to the field of distance education and independent learning.

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