ADEIL Research Award Nomination

Criteria for award consideration:

  • The person nominating the research should be a member of ADEIL.
  • The research should be centered on an aspect of distance learning, including, but not limited to history, statistics, technology, innovations, personnel, student services, marketing, and pedagogical techniques.
  • The research should have been published during the preceding academic year (September through August), but may have been conducted over more than that year.
  • The research paper or report should be submitted in a form compatible with the type of research–for example, historical research in article or book form. Most papers will have, at minimum, an introduction, description of method, description of results, and discussion of results. Recommended length of the research paper or report is 10–25 pages, not including appendicular materials.
  • The project will be evaluated based on its scholarly qualities and the significance or magnitude of its contribution to distance education and independent learning.