Past Recipients ADEIL Awards

Research Award

  • “Libr-AR-y Tours: Increasing engagement and scalability of library tours using augmented reality”, Texas A&M University, Sarah LeMire, Stephanie J. Graves, Michael Hawkins & Shweta Kailani (2018)
  • Terrie Nagel, University of Missouri, “Academic Achievement and Persistence in Online Self-Paced Courses.” (2017)

  • Dr. Mary Boyd, Dr. Beverly Baliko and Ms. Vera Polyakova-Norwood, University of South Carolina, College of Nursing, “Using Debates to Teach Evidence-Based Practice in Large Online Courses” (2016)
  • Meg Milligan and H.P. Beck, Troy University, “Factors influencing the institutional commitment of online students” (2014)
  • Kristi Smalley, University of Missouri High School, “Course Delivery Methods and Instructional Approach for Academic Success in High School Distance Education Courses” (2012)
  • Gera Burton, “Opening the Great Gate at ‘The Palace of Learning’: Charles A. Wedemeyer’s Pioneering Role as Champion of the Independent Learner”, University of Missouri (2010)
  • Evan Smith and Terrie Nagel “Finding a Niche Through an External Degree-Completion Program”, University of Missouri (2009)

College-Level Course Award

  • “U660-206 Legendary Performers”, University of Wisconsin Independent Learning, Developed by Eric Peloza, Nick Meyer, and Rich Freese (2018)
  • “REL_ST [Religious Studies] 3451-W, Religion and Science Fiction (Writing Intensive)”, Mizzou Online (2017)

  • “BUS 330: Principles of Marketing” Forbes School of Business at Ashford University (2016)
  • “Accountancy 2026: Accounting 1” Mizzou Online, University of Missouri (2015)
  • “Psychology 3830: Health Psychology” Mizzou Online, University of Missouri (2014)
  • “Physics 127, Descriptive Astronomy” Brigham Young University (2013)
  • “English 4610: History of the English Language” Mizzou Online, University of Missouri (2012)
  • “Introduction to American Literature“ Mizzou Online, University of Missouri (2011)
  • “History 302, The Italian Renaissance,” Brigham Young University (2010)
  • “GEOL 101: Introduction to Geology” Brigham Young University (2009)
  • “Marketing 210” University of Nevada-Reno (2008)
  • “German 1100: Elementary German 1” University of Missouri (2007)
  • “SPCI 502: Constitutional Issues in Homeland Security” University of Washington Extension (2006)
  • “WGST 2005: Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies–Humanities (Women in Popular Culture)” University of Missouri-Columbia (2005)
  • “Rural Sociology 1000: Rural Sociology” Center for Distance & Independent Study University of Missouri (2004)
  • “Introduction to Business Law” University of California at Berkeley Extension (2003)
  • “Mystery Fiction” University of California at Berkeley Extension (2002)
  • “Introduction to Statistics” University of California at Berkeley Extension (2001)
  • “Facilities Life Cycle 2: Design and Construction” University of Washington (2000)
  • “Construction Management” University of Washington (1999)
  • “Health and Lifestyle Management” Brigham Young University (1998)
  • “English XB17 Shakespeare” University of California–Extension (1997)
  • “Psychology of Discipline” Pennsylvania State University and The Behrend College–Penn State Erie (1996)
  • “Critical Thinking” University of California Extension–CMIL (1995)
  • “Social Work with Involuntary Clients” University of Minnesota (1994)

High School Course Award

  • “HS SS 016 AP World History”, University of Mississippi High School, Developed by Alisa A. Bourne, MBA, and Kerry O’Donoghue, instructional designer (2018)
  • “ENGL-041-T002, Ninth-Grade English, Part 1” BYU Department of Independent Study (2017)

  • “TRIG-041-T002, Trigonometry” Brigham Young University, Department of Independent Study (2016)
  • “AP Calculus 061: AP Calculus AB Part 1” Brigham Young University, Department of Independent Study (2015)
  • “Cycle 41, Cycling Course” eBrigham Young University (BYU) Department of Independent Study (2014)
  • “English IV, Second Semester” Mizzou K-12 Online, University of Missouri (2013)
  • “Personalized Fitness” MU High School, University of Missouri (2012)
  • “Honors Chemistry, Part 1”, Brigham Young University (2011)
  • “Shakespeare,” University of Missouri High School (2010)
  • “HEN2091M: American Literature” North Dakota Center for Distance Education (2009)
  • Driver Education MU High School, University of Missouri (2008)
  • LIT 61: Science Fiction Literature Brigham Young University (2007)
  • Earth Science, Part I Brigham Young University (2006)
  • “LATIN II, Second Half Unit” University of Missouri-Columbia (2005)
  • “Chemistry I” Brigham Young University (2004)
  • “Interactive Spanish I” University of Missouri (2003)
  • “Twelfth-Grade English I” Brigham Young University (2002)
  • “Math 7 – Intermediate Algebra” Brigham Young University, Department of Independent Study (2001)
  • “Her Stories: Women’s Voices in American Literature” University of Missouri (2000)
  • “American Literature I: American Crossroads” University of Nebraska-Lincoln (1999)

Support Service Award

  • Cathryn Friel, Instructional Designer, University of Missouri (2018)

    Julie Shults, the University of Missouri, Mizzou Online (2017)

  • Dr. Lydia Frass, University of South Carolina Center for Teaching Excellence (2016)