2024 Conference

32nd Annual Conference | Empowering Tomorrow

Hosted by Troy University

Showcase your cutting-edge strategies, research, learning designs, technology tools, and ability
to connect with students by presenting at ADEIL’s one-day virtual conference* on October 16,
2024, from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (Eastern Time)
. Share your knowledge with colleagues and
peers to connect creatively and build your network of skilled professionals and educators! We
are looking for informative presentations for all levels (basic through advanced) from you, the
experts in distance education and independent (asynchronous) learning.

Call for Presentation Proposals

Click here for a PDF
Proposal Submissions
All proposals must be submitted via the online proposal form. Proposals that solely promote
commercial products or services will not be accepted.

Proposal Submission Timeline
● Submissions Deadline: July 31, 2024, by 11:59 pm Eastern Time
● Acceptance Notifications: September 8, 2024
● Registration begins April 30, 2024

Session Format
● Concurrent sessions: 30-minute presentation, including Q&A.

Presenters will have the option to include audience participation (group
discussions, breakout rooms, chat, polls, etc.)

Possible Proposal Topics
● Embracing Neurodiversity: Celebrate the richness of neurodivergent thinking and
explore inclusive pedagogical approaches that accommodate diverse learners, including
persons with ADHD, autism, and other diverse and unique abilities.
● Promoting Inclusivity and Support for Neurodivergent Students: Understanding the
diverse needs of neurodivergent students and creating inclusive learning
environments. Implementing strategies and support services to facilitate the success of
neurodivergent students in higher education. Collaborating with stakeholders to
promote awareness and advocacy for neurodiversity on campus.
● Empowering Student Success through Divergent Pathways: Recognizing and celebrating
the unique pathways to student success beyond traditional academic measures.
Providing resources and support for students pursuing alternative education and career
paths. Fostering a culture of inclusivity and acceptance of diverse student journeys in
higher education.
● Unlocking Student Success in the Digital Age: Delve into strategies and best practices
for fostering student success in the digital age, including personalized learning
approaches, adaptive assessment techniques, and holistic support systems.

● Navigating Student Conduct: Address the complexities of student conduct in an
increasingly digital learning environment, discussing proactive measures for promoting
academic integrity, preventing cyberbullying, and fostering a positive online community.
● Student and Faculty Conduct in the Digital Age: Address ethical considerations related
to online interactions, plagiarism detection in the digital age, and maintaining
professional boundaries in virtual environments. Discuss fostering a culture of academic
integrity and open communication.
● Fostering Positive Campus Culture: Student Conduct and Community Building:
Proposals presenting innovative approaches to promoting student conduct, community
standards, and campus safety. Programs, initiatives, and interventions aimed at
cultivating a positive campus climate, fostering respect, civility, and inclusivity, and
preventing misconduct and harm.
● Evolving with Technology: Explore the latest trends and innovations in education
technology, from AI-driven learning platforms to virtual reality classrooms, and discover
how they are transforming teaching and learning experiences.
● Bring YOUR ideas!

Questions? Please email [email protected], 2024 Conference Chair and President-Elect.

Registration Fee

$25 Early Bird Registration Fee until September 30, $30 after that date. Registration includes a
one-year membership in ADEIL.