The Evan Smith Research Grant

The Evan Smith Research Grant in Distance Education is an annual grant open to all students working on either a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation. Content must be distance education, online or e-learning, educational technology, or related to the field of distance education. Applicants must submit items from an approved research proposal.

Award Amount: up to $500

Nominations are due September 13, 2024

Submission Requirements:

  • Abstract
  • Research Question
  • Methodology
  • Validity
  • Literature Review
  • Timeline indicating the expected semester in which the thesis or dissertation will be defended
  • Current enrollment in an accredited university master’s or Ph.D. program
  • A consent form from an approved Institutional Review Board (IRB), as needed
  • Proof of compliance with the degree-granting university regulations regarding the protection of human subjects in research and any required IRB approval

The final selection will be made based upon the following general criteria:

  1. Theoretically sound and evidence-based research as presented in the proposal
  2. Contribution to distance education pedagogy

All Evan Smith Research award recipients will present their research to the ADEIL organization via a webinar and are invited to present their research at the ADEIL annual conference.

Submit your grant proposal through the Evan Smith Research Grant Application.