Excellence in Support Service Award

The Excellence in Support Service Award is given to an individual who has contributed to support his/her distance education/independent learning unit, with possible implications for other institutions. The award recognizes the person’s outstanding contributions and innovations to a distance education program via courses, recruitment, orientation, etc.

The nomination should describe the scope and relevance of the person’s contribution to distance education/independent learning.

This person’s outstanding work may include but is not limited to: setting up or improving a platform or template for course delivery; innovative use of materials and instructional strategies; developing innovative course design and structure, facilitating student learning in the distance education environment; and working with course instructors and students.

Persons who may qualify for consideration are instructional designers or developers, information technologists, and IT or enrollment support staff. The award includes a $50 stipend and a certificate from ADEIL.

Evaluation Rubric

Apply at https://adeil.org/support-service-award-nomination-form/