Each year, ADEIL presents a number of awards recognizing excellence in various aspects of distance education and independent learning. 

Course Awards

Course awards recognize excellence and innovation in course design and instruction.

Grants for Thesis and Dissertation in Distance Education

The Evan Smith Research Grant provides support for students completing thesis and dissertations while seeking advanced degrees in the field of distance learning. The award is given twice annually, fall and spring.

Research Awards

Annually ADEIL recognizes research and practice contributions of its members to the field of Distance Learning. You are invited to nominate or apply online in one of the following categories as appropriate:

  • Peer review
    The peer review process is the standard that recognizes published scholarly research is valid and reliable. It recognizes qualitative, quantitative and mix methods.
  • Non-Peer Review
    ADEIL recognizes the research and publications outside of the peer-review process. As such these publications are viewed as praxis and contribute to distance education bridging the gap between theory and practice. 

This rubric details how submissions are assessed.

Excellence in Support Service Awards

The ADEIL Excellence in Support Service Award

Awards are presented at the ADEIL annual conference each year.