Announcement and Criteria for Evan Smith Research Grant for ADEIL

The purpose of this grant is to encourage and support students seeking advanced degrees (Masters’ and Doctoral) in the field of distance education. All applicants must submit evidence of an approved thesis/dissertation proposal signed by the advisor and applicable committee members if available. 

Content must be distance education, online or e-learning, educational technology, or a related field that contributes to the body of knowledge concerning but not limited to student services, persistence, completion, and instructional design. Dissertations/theses of historical nature will not be considered.

All applications must include the following unless otherwise indicated as optional:

  • A cover letter outlining the research;
  • (OPTONAL) If deemed appropriate the applicant may include a letter(s) of recommendation. These letters may include members of the writer’s research committee and other referees as appropriate;
  • Proposal page or equivalent signed by academic committee chair/advisor; 
  • IRB approval, if needed for population survey and similar instruments;
  • Abstract not to exceed 150 word maximum abstract;
  • A brief literature review; and 
  • Methodology.  

IMPORTANT The submitted proposal should be a maximum of 5 pages to include the above listed items, double spaced, 12 pt type, excluding the references and abstract.  

All committee decisions are final. The award is currently limited to $500 per award cycle: one for spring and another for fall (see Deadlines). Applicants may apply for each cycle however, awards are limited to two consecutive cycles for the same work.

Awardees will be notified (approximately by October 1) prior to the fall ADEIL conference usually held in October. Spring awardees will be notified on or about April 15. 


  • Fall applications must be submitted between March 15, and on or before August 01.
  • Spring applications must be submitted between August 15, and on or before March 01.

With questions, please contact:

         Committee Chairperson

Submit all materials to ADEIL via this form. Any submission made via other means will be disqualified.