2023 Call for Presentation Proposals

ADEIL 31st Annual Conference: Rethinking Education in an AI World

Call for Presentation Proposals

Click here for a PDF of the Call for Presentation Proposals

Showcase your cutting-edge strategies, research, learning designs, technology tools, and ability to connect with students by presenting at ADEIL’s one-day, free virtual conference on October 18, 2023, from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (Eastern Time). Share your knowledge with colleagues and peers to connect creatively and build your network of skilled professionals and educators! We are looking for informative presentations for all levels (basic through advanced) from you, the experts in distance education and independent (asynchronous) learning.

Proposal Submissions

All proposals must be submitted via the online proposal form. Proposals that solely promote commercial products or services will not be accepted.

Proposal Submission Timeline

  • The submission window has closed for the 2023 conference.
  • Acceptance Notifications: September 8, 2023

Session Format

  • Concurrent sessions: 30-minute presentation | 15-minute Q&A
  • Presenters will have the option to include audience participation (group discussions, breakout rooms, chat, polls, etc.)

Possible Proposal Topics

  • “Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Personalized Learning: A New Paradigm in Education”
  • “Preparing Students for the Future: Integrating AI Education into the Curriculum”
  • “Ethical Considerations in AI-Driven Education: Balancing Progress and Privacy”
  • “The Role of Teachers in an AI-Powered Education System”
  • “Developing Critical Thinking Skills in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”
  • “Enhancing Accessibility in Education through AI Technologies”
  • “Building Resilient Learners: Adapting Education for an AI World”
  • “AI-Enabled Assessment and Feedback: Redefining Education Evaluation”
  • “The Intersection of AI and Social-Emotional Learning: Fostering Emotional Intelligence in Students”
  • “Addressing Bias and Equity Challenges in AI-Driven Education”
  • “AI as a Catalyst for Lifelong Learning: Empowering Individuals in a Rapidly Changing World”
  • “Transforming Traditional Classrooms: Redesigning Educational Spaces for AI Integration”
  • “Navigating the Human-AI Partnership in Education: Collaboration and Co-creation”
  • “Unlocking Creativity through AI: Inspiring Innovation in the Classroom”
  • “AI-Driven Personalized Education: Enhancing Learning Outcomes and Engagement”

Questions? Please email Dr. Tracie Ortiz, [email protected], 2023 Conference Chair and President-Elect.