ADEIL High School or College Course Award Nomination Form


Course Awards: High School or College

Criteria for award consideration:

  • The person nominating the course should be a member of ADEIL.
  • Judges will consider the medium (print, online, etc.). Courses that inherently lack certain features will not be penalized.
  • Nomination must include guest access information for judges to view the course.
  • Courses should include:
    • introductory material such as a syllabus or course outline, instructions for course navigation and program policies, faculty information or self-introduction, and minimum technology requirements and prerequisites
    • an overall design with objectives, clear instructions, graphics, editorial consistency
    • varied instructional materials with resources that enrich the content such as audio and video content, external links and readings, etc.
    • varied assessment activities that align to learning objectives, provide opportunity for regular feedback to students, and include formative, summative and reflective assessments
    • clear communication instructions, additional learner support, and handicapped accessibility

Evaluation Rubric