2021 ADEIL Course Showcase

High School Level
HIST 061 – World History Semester 1
Megan Calvin, History Instructor and Course Author

College Level
ANTH 161 – Human Origins: Introduction to Biological Anthropology
Kelly Goldberg, Honors College Instructor

BUS 307 – Operations Management and Analysis
Bill Davis, Lead Faculty/Assistant Professor; Michael Schulz, Instructional Designer; Duane Eues, Video Producer

COMM 344 – Intro to Media Industries
Myles McNutt, Associate Professor of Communication and Theatre Arts; Ines Petrovic-Mundzic, Instructional Designer

HPEB 470-Section 002 – Principles of Global Health
Tina Marie Devlin, Adjunct Instructor; Dr. Aisha Haynes, Assistant Director

MAT232 – Statistical Literacy
Holly Ourso, Assistant Professor; Sarah Perry Instructional Designer; Virgil Simpelo, Educational Technology Designer

SPTE 274 – Computer Applications in Sport & Entertainment Management
Tena Crews, Professor; Chan Hyeon Hur, Co-Teacher

SRM 311 – Sports Law
Bill Davis, Lead Faculty; Michael Schulz, Instructional Designer; Marty McAuliffe, Lead Faculty; Duane Eues, Video Producer; Virgil Simpelo, Educational Technology Designer