2020 Awards

Congratulations to the ADEIL 2020 Award Winners!

Press Release

Distinguished Course Awards:

Hayden Smith, Lydia Frass
Criminal Justice and Mental Health (CRJU 426)
For excellence in accessibility and innovative use of technology.

Kiel Nikolakakis, Bryan Bortz, Eric Peloza
Ethics, Safety, and Regulatory Environments in Biotechnology (ABT 705)
For excellence in alignment of learning outcomes and use of online learning tools to build community.

Avisha Sadeghinejad
Principles of Marketing (BUS 330)
For excellence in course layout and authentic assessments.

Charles A. Schumpert
General Principles II Lab (BIOL 102L)
For excellence in accessibility and use of open educational resources.

Conference Choice Award:

Nathan Pritts, James Meetze, Sarah Sonognini
Introduction to Film (ENG 225)           

Research Award:

Aisha Haynes
for the chapter “Establishing Considerations for Universal Design for Learning and Accessibility in Online Courses”in 2019’s Handbook of Research on Challenges and Opportunities in Launching a Technology-Driven International University.

Support Service Award:

Martin McAuliffe
ADEIL applauds Martin McAuliffe for his commitment to bring the best to everyone he meets whether student, faculty, staff, or administration.

Honorable mentions via inclusion in the 2020 ADEIL juried Course Showcase:

Rob Shah, Bill Davis, Michelle Lekkerkerk
Professional and Business Communications (BUS 202)

Katie Thiry, Charlie Minnick, William Wood, Bill Davis and Michelle Lekkerkerk
Business & Academic Success (BUS 105)