2018 ADEIL Awards Judges


Kerry O’Donoghue, Chair

ADEIL Awards Committee

Kerry O’Donoghue has more than 20 years’ experience in online course development, quality assurance, instructional design, and 508 compliance. She’s been the chair of ADEIL’s awards committee since 2017.

Kerry’s the online course trainer and designer, faculty support, and technological troubleshooter for two independent-learning distance programs at Ole Miss: iStudy, and the University of Mississippi High School. She trains faculty and staff in best practices of online course development, including making all new courses fully accessible.

Kerry’s education and experience includes:

  • BA from Cornell University
  • Blackboard Advanced Teaching and Learning Certification
  • Former newspaper editor
  • e-Learning instructional designer and trainer at Skillsoft Corp. from 1996-2011
  • Instructional Technology Designer & Training Specialist II at University of Mississippi from 2012 on

2018 Judges

Bill Davis

Bill Davis, MA, CM, CDM, is a Core Faculty / Assistant Professor, author, and former Faculty Senator in the Forbes School of Business & Technology.

  • Bill has extensive experience in distance education, adult learning and development, management, leadership, planning, project management, professional selling, marketing, strategic management, P&L management, and organizational change.
  • A skilled educator and administrator with over 15 years of higher education experience and over 30 years of progressive beverage industry management experience, Bill is a former executive within the PepsiCo system, a Fortune 500 company.
  • Bill has taught over 200+ courses in accelerated education (onground and online teaching modalities).

Kim Livengood

Kim Livengood, an ADEIL board member since 2014 and current president, is a professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Angelo State University.  She earned her doctorate in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis on multicultural education from Texas A&M University, a Master of Science in secondary education from Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, and a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from Texas Tech University.

Pablo Riboldi

Dr. Pablo Riboldi has more than 25 years’ experience in the field of instructional development and online education. He developed one of the first blended language learning systems for the Missionary Training Center at Provo, UT (before “blended” was a term in our field). He develop CBT development platforms and courses (before the Internet was more than email and bulletin boards). He earned a PhD in Instructional Science, BYU 2001, focusing his research on the implementation of teacher-mediated instructional systems. He was an Adjunct Faculty at the Educational Technology program at the University of Utah and the College of Business Management at Argosy University teaching a wide variety of graduate level courses.

Pablo is also the Science High School online teacher for American Heritage School Online, with many years of experience developing and delivering online classes from Astronomy to Physics. He is currently the Assistant Director of Instructional Design for Brigham Young University, Continuing Education, managing a team of 16 instructional designers and a portfolio of over 500 high school and university courses. Pablo and Heidi Riboldi have eight children and both love learning and teaching.

Evan Smith

Evan Smith has more than 34 years’ experience in distance education/independent study, all beginning at Indiana University in 1984. He has served on UPCEA and ADEIL awards committees several times since 1987, whether based in Indiana or Missouri. In addition, he began as an editor and later, as a coordinator, used “author’s manuals” in recruiting course-developing faculty over the years. He has also taken a Quality Matters™ sequence.

His move to the University of Missouri was in July 1989. At first serving to recruit four-campus (now called ‘universities’) faculty to develop or instruct print-based, later online, courses, he was reassigned about 2011 to securing state authorization for online programs, which further promoted his awareness of standards of quality and format. During that time, several related units merged to form Mizzou Online, furthering his view of the many formats, platforms, timing, interaction, and audiences that distance and online education entail.

Education and experience include:

  • D., linguistics; minor: English, 1982 (Indiana University): 3 years of teaching, including an adjunct position (1983-4).
  • Mail-order and proofreading work in scholarly publications during graduate work (1978-82), a prelude to working with study guides and style sheets.
  • QM™ certificate, ca. 2011.
  • MA and BA in linguistic anthropology (Kansas University), with 1.5 years of teaching as Associate Instructor.
  • Presidency of ADEIL (two terms) in 2000s.
  • Presidency and Vice Presidency of National Universities Degree Consortium in 2000s.
  • Rethinking language studies to applications in education and the online world.
  • Experiencing mainstreaming at MU and its impact on online programs and degrees.

David Werther

David Werther has more than 30 years’ experience in distance education, serving as an instructor of philosophy courses and in a variety of administrative roles, in the University of Wisconsin Independent Learning Program. David is president-elect of ADEIL.

Currently David serves the Independent Learning program as Program Coordinator in the Division of Continuing Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

David’s education and experience includes:

  • MA in Philosophy from the University of Notre Dame
  • PhD in Philosophy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Development of online courses, Introduction to Philosophy and Contemporary Moral Issues
  • Co-editor, with Susan Werther, C.S. Lewis’s List The Ten Books that Influenced Him Most, and, with Mark Linville, The Christian Worldview Analysis, Assessment and Development
  • Quality Matters, “Applying the Rubric” and “Peer Review Certification”
  • TeachOnline@UW: Plan and Design
  • TeachOnline@UW: Facilitation and Management