Awards Overview

ADEIL High School and College Course Awards

The ADEIL High School and College Level Course Awards honor outstanding pre-collegiate level (9–12) and college-level credit courses. This includes any distance education or online learning course. If a previously submitted course was rewritten or revised, it may be resubmitted for consideration. Each award recognizes the accomplishment of the instructor, author, primary editor, and/or course developer who worked together to create an exemplary course.

Program managers, instructors, course authors, and/or instructional designers may present the course. Awards are determined through a video presentation of your course with narration (audio and/or text). Create a video (between 10-15 minutes in duration) that highlights how you effectively use instructional materials, activities, assessments, etc., in a distance learning environment. Include a link to your video (YouTube, your website, Google Drive, etc.), a course syllabus, and any sample course content and student work (optional) using the online nomination form below.

To nominate a course for one of the awards, you must be a current ADEIL member. Feel free to self-nominate! Either the nominee(s) or nominating ADEIL member can complete the nomination submission form.

Evaluation criteria

The ADEIL High School and College Level Course Awards are evaluated on four main categories:

  1. Course Structure: Course tour with a complete walkthrough of an online or blended course incorporated into the video presentation submission. Consider showcasing the course overview, course navigation, start here, course content, instructor information, and module structure. Show evidence that the course is diverse and inclusive including ADA compliant.
  2. Instructional Materials and Assessments (including alignment): Highlight instructional materials and assessments that reveal at least the following:
    ● Varied instructional materials with resources that enrich the content such as audio and video content, external links, readings, etc.
    ● Varied and authentic assessments that give students the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of course content and instructor opportunities for regular feedback to students.
    ● Formative, summative, and reflective assessments.
    ● Instructional materials and assessments show a clear connection with the course learning outcomes.
  3. Student Engagement (including learning activities): Show evidence of how the course provides an engaging and interactive environment for students. Consider student-to-content, student-to-student, and instructor-to-student interactions to engage students in constructing meaning and practicing skills through active learning.
  4. Innovation: Feature the creative use of digital content and appropriate educational technologies to teach an online and/or blended course. For example, the use of Open Educational Resources (OERs), virtual reality, social media, or communication strategies.

The ADEIL Awards Committee will determine one Distinguished High School Level Course Award and one Distinguished College Level Course Award. In addition, conference attendees will vote on one Conference Choice Award. Winners will be announced at the Annual Association for Distance Education and Independent Learning Conference. Distinguished course awards receive a $100 monetary stipend. In addition, each award winner for the distinguished course awards receives a certificate plus a 1-year complimentary ADEIL membership. Winners will be announced during the closing session of the conference and posted to the ADEIL website after the conference.

ADEIL Excellence in Support Service Award

The Excellence in Support Service Award is given to an individual who has contributed to support distance education/independent learning, with possible implications for other institutions. The award recognizes the person’s outstanding contributions and innovations to a distance education program via courses, recruitment, orientation, etc.

Feel free to contact Morgan Johnson, Chair of ADEIL Awards Committee.

The nomination should describe the scope and relevance of the person’s contribution to distance education/independent learning.

This person’s outstanding work may include but is not limited to: setting up or improving a platform or template for course delivery; innovative use of materials and instructional strategies; developing innovative course design and structure, facilitating student learning in the distance education environment; and working with course instructors and students.

Persons who may qualify for consideration are instructional designers or developers, information technologists, and IT or enrollment support staff. The award includes a $100 stipend and a certificate from ADEIL.

Evaluation criteria

  • The person nominating should be a member of ADEIL.
  • An individual should have contributed innovations to a distance education program (via courses, recruitment, orientation, etc.). Nominees will be judged on the following criteria:
    • Innovation in course development or program administration
    • Collaboration and teamwork
    • Improvement of program management and/or processes
    • Impact on students, faculty, and/or programs

The nomination letter should describe the scope and relevance of the person’s contribution to distance education/independent learning.

To make a nomination, complete the Support Service Nomination Form.